The objectives for NSBE Space were developed directly from the Report of the President’s Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy, June 2004.  Commission recommendations that intersect with the NSBE mission were used to generate the following objectives:

·         Assist private and non-profit minority organizations with the development of competitive contract applications for access to low-Earth orbit and other services to NASA. (In alignment with Commission Recommendation 3-1)

·         Encourage and actively participate in research surrounding the seventeen enabling technologies identified as necessary for successful implementation of the national space exploration vision. (In alignment with Commission Recommendation 4-1)

·         Apply collective technical expertise to generate ideas, technologies, and management tools that will help NASA accomplish its scientific and exploration goals. (In alignment with Commission Recommendation 5-1)

·         Identify and recommend to NASA methods to enhance its efforts to target and recruit under-represented populations in the fields of math, science, and engineering. (In alignment with Section V, Part A)

·         Provide to NSBE College Initiative, Academic Excellence, PCI Chairs, and the NSBE Community College Initiative Committee a complete listing of NASA-sponsored education initiatives available to NSBE members and encourage NSBE participation. (In alignment with Commission Recommendation 8-1)

·         Actively develop and implement novel methods for communicating with the community, with focus on the Black community about space, demonstrating why space exploration is vital to our scientific, economic, and security interests. (In alignment with Commission Recommendation 8-2 and Section V, Part C)