The Space SIG is a Technical Excellence Program of the NSBE Professionals, one of numerous NSBE Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  Established in 2005, the Space SIG is a network of NSBE Professionals either working in or interested in the US space industry.  The Space SIG seeks to serve as a conduit between the space program and the Black community, fulfilling the dual role of stimulating increased contributions of African Americans to the space competencies of the United States and encouraging more African American youth to consider careers in space.  Space SIG members volunteer their time to develop space technologies, organize space-related conferences, and conduct youth outreach.  Each member is asked to volunteer roughly 2-5 hours per week in the pursuit of these initiatives.  The Space SIG has a reputation as NSBE's most active SIG and it and its members have won numerous awards for technology advancement, industry leadership, and overall technical excellence.