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Welcome to the Space Special Interest Group (Space SIG) of the National Society of Black Engineers Professionals.  The Space SIG, established in the spring of 2005, has long prided itself in being NSBE Professionals' most active SIG.  We directly engage the Black community, both within and beyond the space profession, in technical aspects of human and robotic spaceflight.  We provide volunteer, independent space related research, youth outreach, and technical conferences and meetings.  We have partnerships or other working relationships with many of the nation's leading aerospace agencies and corporations as well as with a growing number of academic institutions.  We also collaborate with other SIGs on technical matters of importance to the Society as a whole. 


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Aerospace Systems Conference

Space Leadership and Project Management Meeting

Space Technology Session

Space Legislative Visit



East Africa Spaceport Feasibility Study

Macho Mengi

Mars Desert Research Station - NSBE Expedition

Power Beaming Demonstration Unit

Visions for Human Space Flight



Professional Development Conference

Technical Professional Conference /National Convention

Space Camp Scholarships


NSBE Space Advisory Council

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